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Faith Neil Xu

Store Owner

Hello friends 💜

My name is Neil, i have a lengthy background in customer service , fashion, beauty and marketing.

Here to provide you with all things like custom vending machines ,comforter sets, clothing you name it .

Like and follow to stay updated with my shop on and follow me on Instagram to see when I announce new products and services @Londonluxury_co .

If you have any questions or would like more info my email is Londonluxuryco@gmail.com

Please add me on WhatsApp to join our potential buyers chat line .


Our colleagues will

Answer all your questions there .Thank you for

Interest in our company!


Fast shipping is free.

Free Custom Wrap. 

Our machines accept cash, coins, cards, and Apple Pay

There are no hidden fees except taxes .

We customize the coil sizes according to the packages you will be using .We will need the sizes of the packages you use .

Daily sales and inventory can be seen in the background operating system, and the machine also has a drop detection system.

Inside the machine will also come an instruction manual, which gives details of the procedure for operating the machine

If customers buy your products stuck and do not fall off, the app will inform you in time.

We provide 2 years warranty and lifetime free maintenance service. This includes everything on the vending machine.

We will send you extra accessories for every machine we send out.

If there is any problem with the machine, you can contact me directly and I will ask our technician to teach you.

You will receive a picture and a video of your vending machine before it is shipped.

We will pay customs your machine will be delivered directly to your door at no cost.

Design Info

Please attach the order number, logos, etc., of how you would like your machine customized to londonluxuryco@gmail.com after payment is complete.

You will receive an email from us to confirm your design before the order is shipped out.

Processing time is 15-25 days

Delivery is 30 days

Feel free to ask questions we want our customers to feel comfortable.

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